How It Works

Clients who see tangible results and make the most progress share this commonality – They are ready, willing, and able.  Looking for a therapist may be an indication of your desire to make a change in your life.  Yet, if you are considering a change because someone else wants you to, you may not be ready.  Your willingness comes into play during each session and the days between sessions.  Most days you will leave a session feeling strong and curious–clearly knowing you are transforming into the person you want to become.  Some days you may leave feeling emotionally exhausted as you put in the hard work to address your concerns.  Both types of sessions offer the potential for powerful change.  Being open to the therapeutic process and being honest, with yourself and me, will go a long way in your success. Last is ability, and this is where I come in.  I will help you enhance your wellbeing using individualized tools, techniques, education, and encouragement.  I will guide you to your destination with a greater awareness and understanding of yourself and the confidence to embrace the future.